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I work mainly in acrylic, watercolor and collage. I started painting in my 40's, finally giving myself permission to realize a dream that was so buried in my subconscious, I wasn't even aware of it's existence. The only evidence; a yearning and restlessness I couldn't define.


My art is a constantly evolving process. I love the ceaseless learning and unfolding; the unfixed and mutable flow of interests, techniques, and expanding comfort zones.


The thread that permeates and connects all of my art, despite the eclectic styles, is the idea of stillness in longing.


Longing can be wistful and dreamy, exuberant and joyful, or raucous and overwhelming. Inside all longing is a stillness and beauty which rests, in a chink amidst the chaos. 

I'm always pulled towards that stillness when I paint. In it, I find infinite possibilities and perfect surrender.

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